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It is my wish that you find this information at the right time for the right reasons, together we can create a life with infinite love, mercy, peace & prosperity for all.
May you connect with the power within you to fulfill the journey you came here to accomplish.

A Healthy Life Is Within You

Now it's Your turn to Discover the Fountain of Wisdom

All Wisdom is Ancient

And in reality is Not a Secret

The ascension of earth and mankind is taking place at an accelerated speed. The Photon Gamma Light beams are showering earth and preparing all its sentient life for mass ascension. DNA is being upgraded.

That which our 3d unknowing scientist call “junk DNA” stores information of all of your incarnations, your galactic heritage, and the entire universe, and this knowledge is going to be restored. Can you comprehend now why “the Powers-that-soon-were” are in panic of this very fact? Can you comprehend now why the world is upside down?

It is a manipulated, fraudulent distraction and forced tyranny to keep you in fear which means lower frequency and vibration in order for them to feed from you. Can you comprehend how rising your frequency and vibrating at a higher level releases you from this organized intentional control on your feelings and emotions? With the rise in frequency the scattered helixes of DNA reconnect. The cosmic rays being sent to earth pierce through the cells of your being and restore, rearrange your DNA.

Awakening star seeds on earth have between 3-5 helixes active now while the children being born on earth are already equipped with 3, 5 and more helixes active. Do you comprehend why the dark forces are wanting to vaccinate children? Are you going to stop this unnecessary tyrannical intervention? 

The 12 helixes of DNA correspond to the 12 chakras within, above, and bellow the body. They send and receive information back and forth between each other. As you unlock the chakras and allow the DNA to form itself back to its natural form of 12 helixes active, you become multidimensional.

A very long time ago the dark rulers of this planet have manipulated the human DNA, leaving only 2 helixes active, these two helixes correspond with the first and second chakra. This was enough for us as a race to survive and procreate.

The continuous blast of photon gamma light beams to earth in the last years has helped mankind to begin an awakening process that will inevitably lead to ascension.

The Solar Plexus chakra is unblocked by listening to one’s intuition and using common sense to question any narrative, this continues with the heart chakra’s opening and being able to perceive, give and receive more love. Furthermore, the body’s frequency changes and adjusts to higher vibrational levels. During this process, you may experience symptoms of discomfort, in fact, most flu epidemics are actually ascension symptoms, it happens when massive amounts of photon gamma light waves are sent to blast the earth through the Central Sun but the being receptacle isn’t prepared to receive it in a low vibration. Remember, you must love and pamper yourself. Eat well, sleep, rest, dream, invoke, meditate, sing, smile, dance, focus on what you wish to be manifested, and please, don’t follow the 3d fake news that’s only meant to send stress into your being.

It is important to connect with nature and ground yourself regularly during this time, walk bare feet daily on the grass or dirt, bathe in the sun at least 15 minutes daily, drink lots of water, take salt bath and practice positive thoughts, feelings, words and deeds that uplift your life. In simple terms focus only on things that make you happy, this state of mind raises your frequency and support you undoubtedly and inevitably through your ascension process.

A new world is being born, 5 dimension is already here, we just need to tune in, much love and light,   

"True knowledge stems not from the authority of others, nor from a blind allegiance to antiquated dogmas, but instead is a highly personal experience, a light that is communicated only to the innermost privacy of the individual through the impartial channels of all knowledge and of all thought."
- Fratis Rogeri Bacon

Core Values

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan

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The Journey Towards Self Realization Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

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